Monday, September 8, 2008

My First Entry

I said I would never do this. I swore up and down that the last thing I was ever going to do was to write a blog. I am being dragged kicking and screaming (silently of course) into the world of blogs.

Writing this now has made me think of other lies like 'I am never going to write a blog'. In the past I have said things such as 'I'm never going back to school', 'I'm never living in America again' and 'I'm always going to work in music radio'. These are all lies, but for a while I believed them.

If you start breaking some rules and opening the world up by making previous true statements false, where can it end?

This is what I am here to find out. This is what I am here to do. This is my new life I have been granted. I feel lucky and scared and uncertain and hopeful.

Over the next few years I will update this site. Some things will change and some things will remain the same, some things will grow and some things will die. On my first entry, here is a list of who and what I am. Let’s see what turns out to be a lie and what remains true.

I am 33 years old
I love my girlfriend Annie
I am in my first semester of my graduate degree
I live in Park Slope
I am listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor
I am inspired by sound
I am inspired by sight
I see the world as my playground
I am a brother
I am a son
I am good friend to some and a better friend to others
I believe I can build the world I want to live in
I do not believe in limitations
I need to feel good music
I am not a husband
I am not a father
I do not have a Masters degree
I do not know how to pull the images I see out of my head
I am scared about my new life
I have left my comfort zone
I am driving blind

I know everything will be ok

I have no choice but to carry on and live the life I was meant to

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