Monday, September 15, 2008

Turnstiels of Fun

Problem Statement

• The turnstile moves in a counter-clockwise position. This is counter-intuitive and seems to confuse the user. The users are never sure where the neutral position is and find it difficult to know when they should swipe their card and when they should pass through the gate.
• The turnstile is not good for moving large object: baby buggies, wheel chars, suitcase or large packages.
• The turnstile is not good for people with handicaps. If you have crutches or a wheel chair, you will not go through.

Context Analysis

The main goal of turnstiles in the MTA Subway system is for the movement in and out of the MTA system. People entering the MTA must swipe their Metro Card to gain access. Users leaving the MTA do not have to swipe their cards to leave.


Users of the turnstile include anyone who wants to use the MTA to travel in New York.

Proposed Solution

Very little can be done to redesign these turnstiles. The design in not intuitive as it runs in a counter-clockwise direction. It is also not able to fit in users with handicaps or large packages.



This new design still forces users of the MTA to pay and go through the turnstiles quickly, but does not confuse the user as to which way to enter. This turnstile is also good for those who are handicapped or have large packages.

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